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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 10, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> h1n1. ãsuspect acc.ed of attempted murder escapps from police. how he manageesuto . th1way. ãt 3 nedo e corthr.frhuge%- fire ball. >> entire neighborhooddleveled in n. >> but we rrestesuowtalusf 15 ú>ope n. ^úfedsayrack domn ile4 block area in northeast baltimore. find out whattledee uncovúa s. ^h1ndo a pfrwnsooo and koran recent evvnt causing worldwide controigrst by.ulsuill >> if hello. >> breaking ews úle15wnow%% r.ltim. suspect accused of attempted murder whh escaped. police sat bpant cnd.fh.r goth1mat bei
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ledastorttaeolmod lg him to central booking. they say hh managed to slipusd fusfh1 zip e bpoúan% f1.ffh1% fttempt sh1ú>>d f 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. also tonight a former worker 1n1.sedusutfrwltllod lgh1 cyf.lued1nf e.aiout his boss is ordered to stay aaay now fromaydepud cen. ^ ú h.fizú>> so ant d.figrlttl sttof. been plotting a full blown attausfortwart!o. so ort. averted by a single key stroke. >>reporter: 51-f e6 -ons ma3 % anddmghl úd mfacinizúúd and feeeral charggs. it is suspected powell planned to 15 6 rto anleúanusf úre wpuh. y.ofd fúajo úlecourt today it came out that police allegedly iltdol.eúa n>> as! mowandinnd aifdebh1% fayascy> z nnence a bomb and construct silencers for gunjofrd lmem nfrhyndomghg 3 3 mad mlt útd ligl..eiolly hter he llegedly hacked into computers at baltimore bs >timpoab.pont od mrdellco% ãc. presentationndomghlortei 1n1.ttedusuttteizd lgayasscascusf twaifh1os's commuter and making
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a pornographic picture pop up. o denko an hreeayicife .e >usf s úleled.eortan, ledat it is possible and that people would be wingcanio acoowled.e ep úd mck.fiusuledd lg. >>reporter: it is suspect entered just over a month pore.ffhh1n1tettedusat.ed ofd d úwh1n1tesort. puhe art! oinge ngafrhy d l.fe nd at home. the this is fox 45 news at 5:30. └uskay jd co aner mpuoluch. ledposuoowtif.tollocnly 1cyiaring innnorthhast baltimorr. 15 people are a3 ted d. ndscapo % arrtz bfrh lntúanpnimu. conspiracy and weapons violations. -ú>> our goa>> d ase úso o poledpoe bh.o at is required o build a case so that we caa arrest twattreore .
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ve hwerrepra cenifd fo a ire brtus6 licnd .ecoued tfrwe really put them out of business and give túanfrwl% n. now checking to see if the úuspects arerepd l% f1do h11y usewaatcr >te útimlullodni%- essgibly murder. murder in wwst baltimmre úecomes the cmemy'st wen stuspe6 3 3 lede yra t ! tú>thsu ntt wral0 o'clock yesterday afternoon on baker street near braad outirue folicz n hicsuume n. s ú lowevrarbyifusiness. he was pronounccd dead at the hospmem.f. ^usú>n izú>d h.resayn nns f.gile6 % fan úlelede murder trillion of former city council memf.rrlir! thatjo t swaorta 3 yorteittdm>>d dowf. seateddtodayy 3 people are accused of killing harris bhthatnih1unobf.ryo fd laracen e.ulfrledeo hat.fayn ld take up to 5 weeks. baltimore county pooice%- 6 rt 3nd mu.eo at b.fiuy -ú.e >usf sh1olic úlethatce town. thomas aathony ashley, brannon burkeh1% funyanrl. happened on route 140h1% f urickld lifn ne nva n ighl y hd rolo n . t
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>> they heard the police responded to the locatioleledast fl surdmo ah1rtn. i ilt.eghyo a officers were%- able to locate the suspects and take theharrd loway.owowti. ãmahave % >>% -úportúapo n sifloouri └o rh1o o z ate ssnate is facing an indictmeet. curry mad md l ú% fapd drepei hre.3 sn llo6 . susfayas% orrnni word that the cwhrrhl. cm% t srtei 3 úauscassa! thats úloco% ãc1nd lgayúan6 lteusutstealing election day. >> state attorney spent today explain niaadeh.reszzwaoland me .eun>>irt frjere.3! s the latest on the story. >>reporter: ell inna recirt r.d o azú>d h1ed.% burn sted l 1oesn''ifghieigo a
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! 1o>>d f. prevention, intervention a% f scaraat.iry af 1% f ú 1asrlvew úpee6 3 3 prosecutor office in the countty that practices that and úutwa úd mgh>>d d! ortn nns f.o d lgbalsif1nf 60 years. >>reporter: well critic ccmplaii those ommeresortrdello úanigif lemu.and liaaad lan no bo % arre polarizing and inject race -úthat the campaign. at an hoirto ianz a úou.fid dz a mad mrtsuo3 d lgusiby o the crime pplicy of 60 years ago and nooo aun1n nlayasueap hsp led.eo- >s aah.usno aharrfor ^úicyrlind of statement that givvs a suggestion that this úlectcoun úsh1ú>>d fun1npo15te owrtt blid l >d l s!!!fiaythath. mu.ic 1edlsz mges indrevention, plan does support prtigrecoun, úreúaigrecouleicd scaraat.irtifd f úúu.fits prosecutionnof violent criminals would come firrt.
5:36 pm úd mth f baltimore highwan úsbal% fúaortan own . affrledeef. 40, unused portion of the rde. ay! iif le6 n n% fevom ir 1>>and mteag6 3 3 %- >> or my eetire life the highway to no where has been arnbalnf. r.3 - >. reconnece bniortte hrr3 - >. west baltimorr mark stae bas. ^% ã mhhrto aunoaowtusno deloco% ãcthhtrtyttign ni frepauren has the traffic edge report. >> we do úanigz oúa.f 1nsz reso sl.lti fo d baltimore county where we deal with a crash in kateville on ur súaapkunentsu.ett. epiceh1% f lt i iltately we are deaaing with slow speeds on most of the mainrepapllyingmemyusibyy26 mie d mú>aten 3 usleledpore.
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side of the belt way on route frichlt as we check in icd >% f1h1rep. erepntf youevuseape ledpod lthatlupus really going to be jammmd and unfortunately led.eorting>> me.fith1d m15zúasli% f1 ledend.hif1nf ow 95.frve relieve if traveling the belt way only 25 a h15z3 unentsuandt 15zúasporve unggh1d m15zu li% f1o anduss to parkville and you cannsee no roblems to report s wmemz nbalysuf.h1lerant that h1sd lan nol7 poledend.lerow the northeast orridor of 95. we do however have tteig urit% ar>> mo ir% p úleledeaymemon r usthus 6 3 3 thatpes town road at west cold spring lane and another downto wmunl.ltiuunz nlednd1nk rtddah1tortte hrtdwntdz reet and eastern avenue t old street and no problems ts t6 3 3 rtes io uignd.nio rn n. a úanrb. >> thanks laurted t └ 1 w15zúasúanngd lan nat iorpe nusn owrty? the first purple friday of the season has the raaens c6 afic
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fuve sutllo rrepra n nrh1% fificd h.yiners hitting more than 20 hot spots all around the city. o ded m66 ledpollo rreppa n nr were refusiig up theecrowd with football and rally towghh1% f útor% p. ^ acmoúaverus'm.fe nyoland mpoaa% visit to ravens practice today -úto see themusre.3. úledpoiortic howort.filer15zu acuys re.vefort.fihd lan nnacooo luck. we areeall psyched about this sseias fafúani úonday. >>reporter: the governor wrapped uu e nand md lgh1aywaúaowclh1oe-n nt the morning practice. even the kids are showing off the iocre nndthat z tnowled5.% mo tyez lont>> d lifelaire sent thus photo ttday. they spelled n n h uigouusleled5.% epllont>> 500 n% ff m.filthatnirepltllo icsuvet ffr away elementary school students planted 100 iocre nmufrw00 ioo ayghledp ud % ledez rohve 0d lagh>> tn66 and úfffng the baltimoreeravens. >> we lookmu. pride go o our web site and click on the communitt
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suo.e 3 tez>e bas fusbvcou.y. wpohow hledeol oorandum oychlt that's right. >> you did. rteayn nnsmud l.fy. z e5.% rlocno ded mre.3 r. day it could very well a3 . s úúo3 thdo aay. >> entire nnighborhood leveled in northern calif. explosion and firr. >> and plans to burn the cor'. twaanrapun útayn nnsz bve/
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i'm bob ehrlich. i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great. now let's get down to work.
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget no to the bank bailout and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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^ún thd laran nrh1howo e. cynnd lgmurdol y.eitowy.eitt w % has.% baltimore l.epofrwevl.lti f-úh.aphn! ioly wler6 rtuslelede mescaao lary journeyy >> the touu of duty consists of 36unltthn nr fden0 whúaapics icdve 6 uings. olh1o h6 e%- firefighters. some police officers and paramedic fo astat% arrtunltn niowrth.yinúaevom icdmuor a few of them stopping here in baltimore is a very sú> hatandd frep.epofrw nl.ltioowao nrusf 1d fy lined loyola college the memorial
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field named after ave 995 50and muad h1% fayap >d lusutlede ola 6 unastby team who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks at ledeort. duty? eeowúanpnd lg! aeortei úof. all of the ooher he says this the messaa ifehd ld út útomd lg,ol7 d lgz3 poledve l%- rth.mber and contrib. out to thhse who die and makk sure ú>or%e nnn o of.orr6 333 ^úof ttrend.filtmu.poowevhoúamu. howusd fttigrh 1anh1% f 1 wled. lit bf.. ãmahaariddayy oo ded m.fio arepeit e n >r! r the tour of duty. they run through baltimore owrtt bwaand m sowthhis15z3 %-aymemy ! atledpoe nuhe fh1ay . úaanhrh tomorrow. when they get there they will houteunlt 4e surepo00 ns % icn niden4zú>d s úle31 1anpo during that time they have been away from the familyusth
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cyay úaz ocsurdesz saythatt o aneam6 3 3 waol.fised his dad. he said he would be home soon and he had ow 1 led.fimuormu. of.h1opoayire.3úa sund lg the dads not able to come home. this is fox 45 newsh1 h5:30he r6 3 3 └h1% foll6 ylicd 9veionh.6 that.f porll be ready for nexx year. it will be built at the world weekend howhoúaayw% ãpeio ded m! apunevom f oingyyrtaoin nibald mnow with the sky watch forecast. emily the ! eayirt úd mvewusnmu. >> all right so we have had dry conditions. rain moving d lmu. vvtz d lgh1ny wet weather on the radar. hd radaa still showing a dryz hoird l >ricdortpoan 1rhmu. re..ewaatputtnjpo%- frwd ataa úleledeort thro% f f 75 h d fnl unl.ltievomh1% fafúay comfortable temperaturrs across the area. below outúae.emu. cooler than that. 48 is our dew point fo pap.fy. rtwanort5.%
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úúloutpo hisesd lt úleledpo50baly úeam6 3 3 feels pretty dry out there so úou can imaginn dew p. ore úenr% e awa >> d afd mh.icsafúat b. cy re..ewaorfrthe threat for wildfires the wind start to calm down on . h1% fo aevmet y.kene n 1ansortpo6 howz more moisture in our folk. high pressure keeping us dry ledendei htteig u>> rte oh1% fort. lede 1ano e. in so we do haigunlocle6 come little of the rain is remnant urdeo dal mlz wrm! aold le icsuenal imu. that system. watching the trrpic this sy oo1% f scaor%ap.fz w tt f11k kenowled.e eptatus and wind at 46 miles per hour moving to the west at 18olingtendúa! nrh1% fo annam6 3 3 h.icd mmem ús acd ae bng closer to the still several days out but the hurthatlmthayird r .findrtoute> d lg ú porve f>>deeh1 major hurricane by the middle of nnxt week. keep an eyeus 6 3 3 memh1% fev matrdeniowz 3 yh1r od f eimu6 h1s rain or tropic and tonight
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55 degrees n a little bi hy.scusd fo arth1sd lan nh1rt waann m susd f fort6 h.atdowwtown úith overnight temperattre 60 extended outlook come up d l juuh1muwill bold ld fte fortae cuticr to% k6 ight t? >> the controversy over plans to burn copies of the koran .fin'tusigorfr % memeh1mu ilthatrt pa. úú 1>>.ficouud t vow, now we are in somewhat of a state of limmo and wee6 3 3 úanigo und arddnkusuty. 3 tteus 3 esnle bas. ¥ d>uneverend terry jones says he called off the eventifei s ash1ng 33icsdo an hledpoo sque icd úslwhapayight td r planned around grounddzero would be mmved f6 ledúah1of thymurdolllede%- e nuhe fz emeifd fmu ilthatrth1 úlim dense he ever struck a deal sayiig he ouldn't bart re.h1rt rdesunghttmpccued t ¥ d led.e'sus 3 qed t%coun of the day. would the burning of thee% koran insight túardthatsm ffaco
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owus 3 ort. orz emeh1led ve als what you think. also sound off through facebook, send us endtw h.%muoxif.fe b6 rth1% f 15zfootlmled '.d lan r answer to 45203 and a.for yes and b.for no fun 3 eunteesoupoliyh1or own . usleledpothwshht.i0:000 massive ire in northern%- neighborhood. it is happening in san brunousd fnl ussz c uric 3 scinsfrffwhtez nt úreaph6 3 3 the air and the fire ripped through the communities. 4 ú>or%e n! ute 1iecop ed f0! ete veww1tescapo n nic o pomy ac6 e.poicsuof.ight t ú il dea s ú yard i could see the flames. >> i turn thpoy. >ing. workiig in the area at the
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time of the blast. ¥ d>afo eo acwheifeiez aights
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. jeans sz.- >> typic.fndscmemapiaed t /h1s >> as usual septembbausse.3úals6 3 3 %-
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tells us youortinglz muwhingsuepoy% f1nte úfd lan nh1rth1afo 6 3 3 gah.or >> the resident evil franchise seemed to haveifrdthrrno a ola apwao antafo 6 3 3 acwheoloutights are inevitably bad or unsuccessful. the fourrh! emd mledrad trovo dels6 3 3 re.ekortmemlerrtnl%- resttcome whúaapa fo anto aafor. úurn% eptill spreading and looks like los angeles is a saae haven icsuledpomu.1npoowife. nteo ight ttttcome long before ledportusf úúlscy. ti ac mato aol oins ãmahaldnern'tndthatpun break miller definitely seems fun to joino aayeith1say ¥ d rtere.reo oloutightsusfo a weekend and 7 trailers before the film and every singleusth ore amorteiz a úlepuh.z lederepei hewd laratrovusatpu..%
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>>reporter: reeident evil after half 3d is rated r. └d lan nortt nnsttup >> hsayih1urn% m únler1ne basmurom a film starring world wrestling entertainmight ttz enúa6 ortaohor play as man coming t wd nsturn% wmemlerredpo .ehusfffimu.ewaor f high school wrestling team as endof thyowwalp ac >e! oh1or >> u2 wrestle hoo you talk and i'm thinking i wanttthasta ú of thre úortic h 3 z ãmahaldner: legendary is rated pg-13. if looking ffr ore ore 1n eiifpo lives. this úsrepz 1z eddt └
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ú.fiz ll pe rtghy.h.if1nk fayn nre 1z 6 3 continues to the ravens open up the season monday night agj.ou hledeortad alhfrortigou ún p thatn nsndrtutlorttion mode this week not only the first game it is mondayevtempltih1% f ú klooksd lmu. y. ic úd mowz wpo aunlt fo ay tzn n.hd lo erthouas in the off season and green is back and he hrough.iardd la6 d acj.n úor foo this ravens defenp . ¥ d leded rh1rth1unltn nimunttb.fl d hh1% fo aif matowm line that
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into the game. >> he runs the ball the way it should beunic fev. epn nledunltthor úrepikteo acd a down here. doesn't follow his track all the time. he rtehs ore .fr sclt 3 niusd fnl f scltsdowthis side. hard nose guy. plays the game the that.hoffthyh1% fmu. >>reporter: twausbdltus 33% looksh.z aightd md l 1d ardmemh1% f rde. dnt>> game of the week returns as does making the re oughpefr.f>> y.s tnibalpo stemplti .e.i0:50usnz s id mltrths td dd jeaas. >> dry fall like weather the utlayn nmu.e 1ansh1% fevkey6 3 3 mesdptcouno e. skightd mledrdastend fifd f in súat bevistat% ãa as bons and comfortable temperatures. 74 degrees that.hvewortmemlerwan% fsay.fs tni 1566ousd fusutledpore.ev. the humiditt bledn n.úút úurn% epe bbein súat b ilwh1 h40ndúasdre icsu repoesint low asswell at 48. the tempeeatures oday mato anto aolo in lws 1nrdngo ah1rtr tffow6 3 z slightly warmer day in store for us but still in súastat% ãa deevil iabe nusd fo aath1%
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f 1ew poire pretty low but as we go in towwrds sunday that's whhn ledpo6 .fimorrtzú> id mowh1ortig icsure.. o aayúannge in both temperature and humidity as the colddfront bthatnis únz ewhú6 3 rr.tortraledúa fmu. y.nsmurdre úd mof..eortpo6 et% d.ebdd lgo an hwill be coming into the picture saturdaa night úre wlede 1annsleght% fan f puortpomeú> the plans done on s.e 3 1nht bundt s.e memrepntksrep the rpo6 y. y ildarstat% k% fortd a 1ay on sunday assthe cold front pushes through. do defn n.quitey. ft b6 % fan 6
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we've got three minutes till the reactor blows. we're never going to make it. you've got to get out of here!


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